Negotiating with Nature

“Negotiating with Nature”

 I recently produced the film, Hand of Brick, a documentary about the Densmore Brick Company in Lebanon, NH.  The film was a look back by former employees of their time working for the company prior to its closing in 1973.  The film was wonderfully received here in the Upper Valley and, I am honored to say, has recently been accepted to be shown on NH Public Television during the summer of 2014. 

I am now starting another film project. The title is Negotiating with Nature. This film will be about the perennial garden and our relationship to plants – a subject you know I am passionate about. The film will be informative, educational and entertaining. It’s not a “how” to but rather a “why” to garden film. In fact, I hope that the film will inspire a younger audience to take up gardening – to see the importance that both private and public gardens have in our lives and in our communities.

So far, I have enlisted several people to work with me on this project – people who agree with me that this is an important film to be made  – Gordon Hayward, Vermont garden designer and author, Noel Kingsbury, British garden designer and author, Lynden Miller, public garden designer from New York City, Peter Hatch, retired garden curator of the Monticello gardens, David Culp designer, author and owner of  Brandywine Cottage in PA, and Jay Parini, best-selling author and poet from Middlebury College.

The film will feature gardens such as the High Line in New York, the Lurie Gardens in Chicago, Jefferson’s gardens at Monticello and Brandywine Cottage in Pa. among many others.

Hand of Brick was made using a small Canon camera and a very small budget. Unlike Hand of Brick, my next  project will cost more to make. I will need funds to travel for interviews and filming. I also need a new camera and film equipment . At this time, I am looking to make a trailer or promo to use for a Kickstarter fund raising effort and to help with procuring larger donations. Imagine what I can do with a larger budget!

I am looking locally to try to raise “seed” money to help get this project off the ground.  I am writing to ask if you would make a modest donation to help make Negotiating with Nature a reality.  The Byrne Foundation of Hanover, Jack and Corky Wennberg and the John T. Percy family are some who have already given generous donations. Donations can be made through my fiscal sponsor, the Upper Valley Arts of Norwich, Vt.  Your support would, of course, be tax deductible.

If you need more information please e-mail me at or call 603/643-2889.  I would be more than happy to discuss my proposal with you.

You can make donations payable to:

 Upper Valley Arts

P.O. Box 322

Norwich, Vt. 05055

 Noting either my name or the film.



“The artist negotiates with the canvas,

the writer negotiates with the page,

but the gardener, they negotiate with nature.”

-Your Local Dutchman

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Happy Holidays from Noorden Gardening

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-Your Local Dutchman                

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