Negotiating with Nature


With the start of a New Year I begin my second year of working on my film Negotiating with Nature.I hope you will follow the progress of this exciting project at I will be posting updates, excerpts from interviews and beautiful footage of gardens.

With the generous help from some wonderful people, I am planning my “Garden Tour” for this spring. I will be travelling to NYC, Penn and Virginia to interview, film and gather material for the film. This is phase one of my “Garden Tour”, which will take me to the mid-west and the west-coast.


-Your Local Dutchman



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-Your Local Dutchman                

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Planting: A New Perspective

               Planting: A New Perspective      


                         Piet Oudolf  &  Noel Kingsbury  

                                    Timber Press      $39.95

“Piet Oudolf’s gardens are breathtaking to observe and hard to define. They are calm yet full of surprises, apparently effortless but complex to achieve, intimate while reaching out to the wider natural world.”

Considered one of the worlds most innovative garden designers, Oudolf  is the leading figure in what has become known as the New Wave Planting, a movement that takes it’s inspiration from nature.

Having published many books about his designs, we now have a wonderful reference that shows gardeners and professionals how his gardens are made. With a detailed directory, we learn how Oudolf selects, groups, and combine plants with other elements to make his beautiful gardens.

Planting: A New Perspective is essential reading for anyone who is interested in creating enriched gardens that are sensitive to their surroundings, that support biodiversity, and nourish the spirit. This book has already become an invaluable part of my gardening vision. 

Other suggested titles by Piet Oudolf

             Designing with Plants / with Noel Kingsbury                                                                          Timber Press   1999

             Planting the Natural Garden / with Henk Gerritsen                                                               Timber Press 2003

            Planting Design: Gardens in Time and Space                                                                             with Noel Kingsbury    Timber Press  2005

-Your Local Dutchman

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