Happy New Year

“Negotiating with Nature”

It is a new year and I have started the year off by planning the making of my second film, “Negotiating with Nature”.  It is a project about the perennial garden. Where it has come from( why do we garden?), where it is at the present (Does it matter?)and what it might look like in the future. 

I hope to make a film that is not only informative, but entertaining and relevant. One that my daughters generation( she is a college student) will find engaging. What role does the perennial garden play in our society and private lives and are we slowly losing that connection with the natural world and how can we regain it?

“The artist negotiates with the canvas,

the writer negotiates with the page,

but gardener, they negotiate with nature.”

-Your Local Dutchman

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Happy Holidays from Noorden Gardening

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-Your Local Dutchman                

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