Planting in a Post-Wild World

As our world constantly changes, so does the garden. In their book “Planting in the Post-Wild World”, (Timber Press), Thomas Rainer and Claudia West reveal how the garden is changing and the place it will have in our future. In this beautiful written guide, they show us how we can shape the future of our relationship with the garden and our world.


Only when we clear our heads of the rose-tinted idealism of the past can we really embrace the full potential of the future.”


Thomas Rainer and Claudia West show us how to create sustainable plant communities that are ecological as well as beautiful no matter what the size of our landscapes. Landscapes that are resilient, yet incredibly diverse. For those who are planning on designing a garden, whether a roof top garden, a five acre estate or a public garden I recommend that they first read this book. For anyone interested in the garden and gardening this is a valuable asset.

I have often wondered what the future of the garden might look like, now I believe I have seen it in this wonderful book.

-Your Local Dutchman

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Japanese Hand Scythe

Japanese Hand Scythe

As spring begins to reveal its wonders, we start to look towards the garden. I would like to recommend that you consider adding this amazing tool to your gardening arsenal. Our relationship with the garden is enhanced when we can spend less time working and more time enjoying all of what our efforts and nature can give.

Though it does have other names and forms, Japanese hand hoe, I have been using the Japanese hand scythe for more than ten years. It is the ultimate tool for weeding and working in the narrow spaces of  plant beds. I don’t go into my garden without it. I have been recommending it to my friends and clients. They all agree about it’s amazing versatility.

YouTube Preview Image

I have not been able to find this wonderful tool in any of the gardening retail stores in the Upper Valley, until now. You can now purchase a Japanese Hand Scythe, made by DeWit of the Netherlands for $29.99 at the West Lebanon Feed and Supply, West Lebanon, N.H.

-Your Local Dutchman

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Henk Gerritsen


By Henk Gerritsen


                                                                         Architectura & Natura Press

 Amsterdam, Netherlands




Gardening is an unnatural pursuit. The gardener views nature as an abundantly filled grab bag from which he is free to select a number of items he would like to use in his garden, and then dispose of the rest in the trash. But he’s mistaken: once opened the grab bag turns out to be a Pandora’s box, which constantly releases demons that besiege the gardener and his garden.”

                                                                                -Henk Gerritsen


 Essay on Gardening is a gardeners garden book. Written with Henk’s no nonsense approach, one can’t help but be taken it in by his passion for words and gardening. Though I don’t agree with everything he has to say, I am constantly referring back to this book for information and inspiration.


Henk Gerritsen was born in Utrecht , Netherlands in 1948. He studied with Mien Ruys, dutch garden designer, and in 1986 he opened Priona Gardens in Schuinesloot. He collaborated with Piet Oudolf on several books. Henk died in 2008.  

-Your Local Dutchman





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